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Thank you for coming to the Building in Thailand web site. This construction in Thailand web site has been created with the help of professional people with many years of construction experience in Thailand. We thank them for their construction advice and knowledge. It is useful and productive to know information and learn from people who know the construction industry well. It has also been created with architectural knowledge and experience too.

If you are considering building a house in Thailand, or designing or building any form of property in Thailand, this information could be extremely valuable to you. It can help you save time, save money, avoid potential problems and also to have some information before starting a construction project. Read on and find out more about building costs in Thailand, architects in Thailand, project management in Thailand, construction in Thailand and a whole host of other useful building information. It is only meant as a helpful guide and we do suggest you always make your own decisions and do your own research. We hope it helps you understand the construction process a little better and helps you in your construction project.

Who is this site for ?

The site is for anyone wishing to know facts and information regarding construction in Thailand, building costs in Thailand, architects fees in Thailand,  information regarding construction and Thailand building.

If you are looking to construct a property in Thailand, or you want to know construction information that relates to this country, then this is useful to you. Often we relate it to building a house here but this can also very easily be a hotel, factory or resort. Much of the basic information relates to any form of property or building project in Thailand.

Thailand Project Management, Architects and Contractors  - In addition if you are seeking an architect, builder or project manager in Thailand,  then please do contact us for details. We may be able to point you in the right direction.  Also if you are a contractor, project manager or architect please provide us with details and we will include you on our database.The site is meant to eb helpful and offer you basicconstruction information. The deicison and choices are yours to make.

What is it for ?

It is meant as an informative basic guide covering various aspects of construction and the building industry in Thailand.

This includes such matters as construction costs in Thailand, building tips, building concerns, construction information and things perhaps you should know when embarking on a building project in Thailand. It is not final or meant as a complete guide. It is purely informative and meant to be helpful.

Why do we mention costs a lot ?

We mention costs and our concerns on costs a lot. Why do we do this ? Because it is important. It can be one of the main root causes of problems in construction in Thailand and in any country. Low quoting in construction can be seen throughout the world and used to get jobs and it is very seductive to the ill informed or inexperienced person. Over pricing can also be seen of course. Price is important to you, so should be given the correct amount of attention.  Calculating construction costs takes time and should be done by an experienced person. If a construction contractor misses something in the cost calculations due to inexperience, they may not be able to finish the project. Or if they are desperate for a job, giving a low quote can be just a way to keep them in buisness. It may not be the case of course and we are not in any way saying lower pricing is wrong, or the lower price is not the one to agree to. All we are saying is be careful, take the time necessary to understand what contractors include in their price and what they do not. Construction is complex and care needs to be taken by the construction contractor. If a construction contractor in Thailand does not have an experienced project manager on site, then who is going to supervise and run the project ? Who will check works ? Is your project insured ? These are all part of the costs and part of a construction project. It can affect the success of the project. So cost is very important.

We hope you find the site useful. Read on and Enjoy.

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