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How much does an architect cost in Thailand ? What are an architects fees in Thailand ?


An architect in Thailand charges on a similar basis to most architects anywhere in the world. They normally charge by a sliding series of percentages. For a house a fair fee for a professional architect is about 5%-7% of the projected total construction cost. This percentage varies according to how skilled, how experienced, creative and in demand they are; what the project is, how complex and what the construction cost is. Architects fees in Thailand are normally based on percentages. However some architects may be hired on an hourly rate for consultancy and advice, or a set cost for the whole project may be negotiated. But normally it is the percentage. When thinking architects fees or costs, always remember your home, hotel, office buidling or factory will only be as good as the architect you use. They are vitally important and a good professional architect is worth every Baht they charge. Do not expect to get a functional, productive, attractive building from an inexperienced, uncreative architect who you have only used as you got the cheapest price possible. Expect to pay them a professional salary as you would for an engineer, doctor, lawyer or any career where someone has trained for many years and has the ability to help you enormously. Remember the architect can even make your home more saleable, cooler, nicer to live in and save costs in energy. If you expect to pay more for a Mercedes then a Ford, like to have quality and earn a decent salary yourself, then treat the architect in the same way with the same respect. They are so important to any building project.

Approximate Guide

As of the current time, approximate cost guidelines for an architect's fees in Thailand can be anywhere from 5 - 10% for a home; and perhaps 2.5 - 7% for large scale commercial projects. This is normally to supply all conceptual design, elevations, perspectives, construction detail, structural, electrical/mechanical, plumbing, and all drawings required for construction of the project in Thailand. Normally it will include engineering drawings too; but do check. So much depends on the individual project and what the project is. Large scale commercial projects may separate into parts with individual specialists dealing with each aspect. Often the architect controls this and manages the parts; such as engineering, fire prevention systems etc. Whatever your project is, do provide all the required information to the architect of the project and its location. Then the architect can supply you with his proposal and fee charge, clearly listing all that is included. The architect can also advise and recommend other professionals to join the team if required.

So if you are building in Thailand and your house project is 10 million baht projected cost, a Thai architect may charge you 500,000 Baht – 700,000 Baht. A very good well known Thai architect may even charge 1 million baht. If an architect is not so busy and wants to do the job maybe they might only charge 400,000 baht. But do expect to pay a professional fee to a professional person. You expect your salary and feel you are worth it, so give the same respect to a Thai architect. They have worked hard and spent many years at University to become one.

The larger the project normally means a slightly lower fee but much depends on the project, what is involved and the architect. So for a factory or office building with a projected cost of say 50 million Baht, the Thai architect may only charge 3.5% which means 1,750,000 Baht. Please note: it does vary and fees do change according to the individual architect and the type of project. This is meant as an approximate guide only


How long does it take the architect to design a house in Thailand or an office, factory or condominium project ?


For a house it can take anywhere from 4-20 weeks to complete final architects drawings once all preliminary drafts, concepts and elevations have been accepted and confirmed by you. This varies and it is specific to the individual project and architect. Most architects house drawings in Thailand probably take on average from 8-16 weeks after confirmation of preliminary concepts. Larger commercial projects can be the same or a lot longer. Factories and offices can be quicker and condominiums can take lot longer. It is all down to you, decisions, the complexity and size. You will get a time schedule when you receive the architects job description and fee proposal.

An architect in Thailand will work on the drawings normally providing you one design concept depending on what you have agreed before starting. They start with concepts (basic designs) including floor plans and once you accept those they move on to elevations and perspectives. Once you have accepted them they then move onto technical detailed construction and structural drawings. This includes all mechanical, electrical and all drawings required to build the project. Obviously it takes varying amounts of time, depending on the project, its size, your decisions and how quickly you get to an acceptable stage where you confirm them. There are slight differences to the format or how the architect proceeds or what they are prepared to do for the fee. So this needs clarification before you start


Does an architect regularly visit the project site and project manage ?


What the architect includes in their fees needs clarification before you start. An architect would not be expected to project manage the project; unless specific requests and additional fees have been discussed. Normally a professional project manager or supervisor manages the project and is employed by the contractor. The architect will communicate with the contractor during the process and iron out any issues regards the drawings. The architect may also visit the site a few times but this all needs confirming with the architect; as additional fees and travel costs may be required.

Please Note:

The contractor should check the architect's drawings before starting the project and discuss with the architect about any concerns or issues. The architect should provide help, advice and guidance.

Our advice:

Architects are professionally trained people who specialise in something very important to you and your project. It takes them many years of learning to train and then obtain a licence to practice. Do not underestimate their importance to the project. Do put great value on their design skills, their experience and knowledge. Your project has two main parts: architect and construction contractor. Professional experience is vital for a successful outcome in both. It can not only change the whole feel, function, practicality and look of the property, but save you from considerable potential extra costs, hassles, poor quality and a miserable experience. Use professional experienced people and respect their advice, put value in their fees and seek their knowledge.

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