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Building in Thailand can be a very rewarding experience or it can be a nightmare if you are unlucky or do not do your checking correctly. Be careful and plan well. Building your own home can be so fulfilling and allow you have a house as good as any in Europe or USA. And for a lot less money ! But you must take care, do your due diligence and make sure you use registered professional builders and listen to people with experience. Check out our choosing a builder in Thailand page and also choosing an architect in Thailand page. If you have a building project you may need project management in Thailand. We have a page for project managers and recommend you read it. There are plenty of would be and wishful thinkers who do courses on the internet and within a few months they think they can run a building site and know all about construction. Sadly it is not the case and causes projects to be late and building standards to be terrible. Beware of this if you are seeking a project manager. They normally run out of money in Thailand, set up a real estate web site and then become a 'jack of all trades'. It causes a bad name in the industry and best avoided if you wish your project to be successful. The same goes for contractors too. Choose carefully and use professional builders. Your home is too important to have problems. Costs escalate in construction very easily so be careful.

Building in Thailand is very cost effective as prices are lower than many countries. See our building costs in Thailand page for more information. It can be very enjoyable and provide you with plenty of fun. Best advice is to take your time, choose a good builder and listen to good advice.

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