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Construction in Thailand was booming and to a degree still is, as of the current time; if compared say to their European or American counterparts. Thailand has been and still is one of the prime examples of a booming Asian economy. Yes it has had its problems as all countries have, but on the whole it has got through them very well. Long may it continue. Construction has been one of Thailand’s booming industries. As of the current time of writing this, we have seen a slow down; but things still move ahead and construction continues. Many developers have simply changed their products to suit the market. Mid to low priced property being more the fashion as of the current time. As too are custom built luxury homes.

Construction in Thailand is everywhere. If you walk or drive around Bangkok you will see skyscrapers going up, new apartment buildings, hotels and shopping malls. The increase is quite phenomenal. This is the same for many of the other popular tourist destinations such as Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, Phuket and Pattaya. They were and still are to a degree busy erecting new holiday villas and new condominiums, although, perhaps with more caution. The recession of international economies and world banking disaster has meant much of the western foreign market for buying second holiday homes shrunk considerably; as people simply did not have the money, could not borrow it or just decided not to take the risk. Extra care is being displayed and people are not rushing into purchasers as they used to. However the Thai local market is flourishing and it is here where most real estate changes hands. There are many construction companies and many varying levels of quality. It is always advisable to do due diligence. Always make sure that you take time and seek the services of a professional building contractor. Choose carefully your construction contractor in Thailand.

One of the main problems with construction in Thailand is over expectations of low costs; and the belief you can use anyone to build for you. It is not true and can lead you into all sorts of problems. If you plan a construction project in Thailand then seek good advice. We read on a recent construction article by a successful expat married to a Thai lady: "The best way and the safest way, to do build a house or carry out any form of construction project in Thailand, is to pay for professional help and to use the services of a professional Thailand builder." We agree 100%. The best way and the only truly sensible route is to go to a registered builder or construction contractor and/or project manager who has experience, speaks the same language, has an office, web site, gives proper legal contracts that protect you, gives a guarantee and can provide references/recommendations; in other words a proper limited company that gives you some security and peace of mind. Project management in Thailand is very important and any good contractor in Thailand should provide proper supervision. Don't become a victim of taking the wrong route thinking you will save money or get something done cheaper. Unfortunately it can end in either disaster with bad workmanship, second rate finish, inferior materials being used and/or extra unnecessary costs later on. It has happened to so many people trying to go the cheapest route or trying to cut corners. It can be a bad and costly mistake to make and can lead to so many problems. It is best to use a registered building company with a track record, a good reputation and a professional attitude; just as you would in Europe, Australia, USA or where ever there is a professional building industry. Construction is exciting and if you work with the right people it can change the whole way the project develops; and it can save you so much time, extra costs and reduce stress and problems. Choose wisely. Check out our building costs in Thailand page for further information on construction costs in Thailand.

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