House in Thailand

Many of us dream of having a house in Thailand. Some of us are Thai and want a new home to call, our own; some of us work in Thailand or other parts of South East Asia; and some of us are married to Thai people.  Whatever the reason if you are looking to have a house in Thailand it is possible.  Naturally care is required and sensible steps do need to be taken.  The more care you take the likelihood is, the less issues, hassles and potential problems you will have.

The good news is that building a home in Thailand is still a lot less expensive than in many other countries; you can design and build a wonderful property.  There are so many options and so much you can have done. But do not be lulled into a false sense of security. There is less expensive then there is silly low. So do be careful of going for the cheapest, lowest quotes or expecting too much. Be grateful costs are lower but do not expect too much if you go for the cheapest quotes. There is only one price and that is the correct price. Always seek professional experienced advice.

As far as legalities of owning house in Thailand: if you are not a Thai citizen then you need to speak with a lawyer on the regulations and laws. Many thousands of foreign people have homes in Thailand but you do need to know the laws you need to adhere to. A Thai lawyer can help you do this and explain the regulations. Of course the laws are going to be different for foreigners and as long as you adhere to them you can have a house in Thailand. 

If you require a professional lawyer you may contact us and we will pass contact details to you.

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