Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand is possible ! Like any country in the world Thailand has its official regulations. As long as you abide by Thai laws and regulations, understand what you have to do, then living in Thailand can be done. There are official restrictions and visas you have to apply for but with some effort, money and sensible planning, living in Thailand is possible.

Thailand is a wonderful place to live. It is world renowned for its delicious and highly varied food. It has beautiful sun drenched beaches and delightful countryside. The people are Buddhist and you are often welcomed with a smile and kind help. Yes it has its problems as any country does; but living in Thailand is not only exciting, diverse and colorful; it is also most importantly fun.

Its main city Bangkok is large and sprawling. With a population around the 12 million mark is full of variation. It has some of the largest and most exciting new shopping malls anywhere in the world with a sky train system that moves from one to another. It has old temples, colonial buildings, modern skyscrapers, exotic hotels, theater, museums, world class restaurants and thousands of different bars to suit everyone’s choice. Bangkok is one exciting city.

In the North you have mountains and cooler weather. In the South you have tropical beaches, palm trees and uninhabited islands. The country is bordered by Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. It has a new international airport and is looking to build a high speed railway line. Thailand is definitely an interesting country and one once visited, will be visited again. It is why so many look to live in Thailand and one can only understand why.

Often people want to retire in Thailand too and build their dream retirement home. If you are one of those choosing retirement in Thailand then choose your architect and builder well.

Good luck with living in Thailand and enjoy your experience.

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